Dawnbird began in 2011 as a worship and arts community based in West Lothian, Scotland.

Our heart is for extended worship and prayer that is Spirit-led, prophetic and free-flowing, for development of the creative arts, and to build community around these activities, expressing church in a way that demonstrates the extravagance of God and helps people to be free.

Following the Covid pandemic, changes in personal circumstances have meant we are not organising events in West Lothian at the present time. We are still working together with Wellsprings Community and using our resources to support events that we contribute to there, and events we run in partnership:

- The Next Wave - A weekend of worship & creativity in Edinburgh, usually twice a year
- Glory in the Cowshed - 72 hours of worship, creativity and summer fun in a barn in the heart of Scotland!

Dawnbird has a network of musicians, artists and dancers who are involved in extended worship and the arts, and in teaching and training others. We have links with Movement in Worship and with other pioneering groups throughout Scotland and internationally.

See here for dates of upcoming events & activities

For more information about what we're up to, and how to get involved, contact us.